Imran Haque: An Experienced Doctor in Internal Medicine

Imran Haque is a physician who is experienced in the field of internal medicine. He is based in North Carolina. He is a caring, and due to his skills, he has earned respect from all and sundry. His experience has grown for the past 15 years in the medical field. Over these years, he has been dealing with patients suffering from various illnesses that need his expertise. He has been a source of joy to the people of Carolina who always get a chance to receive his services.


Due to the many experience years, he has opened offices where patients can have easy access to him. Imran Haque carries out treatment procedures on patients in the Horizon Internal Medicine facility. This center is located in Asheboro, North Carolina.


Dr. Imran Haque has experienced significant growth over the years as a medical specialist. He holds an honorary degree in medicine from UNIBE (Universidad Iberoamericana). He has also attended a program in internal medicine at the University of Virginia. It is while at this facility where he enhanced and cemented his skills at internal medicine. Later, he acquired a license as a medical practitioner in North Carolina.


In Horizon Internal Medicine where Imran works, dedication and the drive to quality service have seen this facility grow. It has been one of the leading hospitals in medical consultancy and treatment. The satisfaction expressed by patients who have visited this facility makes them not have a second choice in treatment.


As a medical practitioner, Imran Haque is trained to diagnose and treat various illnesses such as diabetes and epilepsy, a few to mention. At the modern facility of Horizon, Imran gives the best chance for the delicate 360 resurfacing of the skin. His weight management treatment options come in handy for the people of Asheboro as well. Dr. Imran Haque has also specialized in Laser Hair Removal and the general physical examinations. Many have lived to tell a positive story on the services of Imran Haque. He has also learned the art of human interaction from the people of Carolina.

End Citizen’s United: Making Efforts To Bring About Change In America

End Citizen’s United is an organization that aims to bring about change in the American political system. It is true that a lot of people aren’t exactly content with the way things are working in the government right now, but they also believe that they don’t have the power to change the way things work in the political systems that run the country. End Citizen’s United was formed with the purpose of empowering people, to give them the tools that they need to contribute to change to make the country a one that is favorable for growth and development. End Citizen’s United was formed by a group of like-minded individuals who share the common interest of empowering people for a change.


One of the main reasons why the people of the country feel helpless when it comes to the state of governance is because they feel like they aren’t wealthy or powerful enough to have their voices heard. America works on a system of having people’s democracy, which means that the citizens of the country have the right to choose a just state of governance, and go about changing it if the government fails to perform its duties well. This, however, has resulted in a conflict of interest as a consequence of the Supreme Court’s Ruling on the Citizen’s United case. According to the rules put down, large corporations are given the status of an independent person, meaning that the individual who owned the company had more say in matters of political importance than ordinary citizens. Also, large enterprises could donate to political parties without being questioned.


This paved the path for large money laundering schemes, giving way to corruption in political parties. People with large amounts of money also started swaying political parties and their candidates with the notion of getting large funds for the party’s campaign. In exchange, these companies started asking for things in return like overlooking rules or changing up legislation to favor their business more. Contrary to the name, Citizen’s United did not unite the citizens of the country but instead created a wide gap between those who had large amounts of money and the ordinary people.


End Citizen’s United believes that the first step towards bringing about reform in the government is by overturning the Citizens United ruling. The organization stands by its opinion that transparency should be maintained among the people and the ruling party. The group identifies with the Democratic Party because they are the ones that also agree with the ideas that End Citizen’s United has put forward. End Citizen’s United aims to re-elect some members the government and replace them with ones that are more qualified for those positions.