Get Reliable Inmate Calls From The Securus Network

Traditional inmate calling has come with huge fees and many customers have chosen the classic Securus Technologies network with rates compared $2 to $1 with other providers. Their customers have freely taken to their website forum to refer services and features to other users. Customers interact over a trusted network with monitoring and surveillance. Securus now leads the industry as an innovative inmate calling provider and the recipients of the prestigious Stevie Award for superior customer excellence. You’re invited to join their fight against crime prevention by visiting their unique website and leaving your user comments on their interactive forum.


Securus Customer Referred Technology


  1. What is Securus remote visitation?
  2. Remote visitation allows you to visit online for a small fee


  1. How do I use the Securus remote visit feature?
  2. Download the Securus app to use the remote visit feature


  1. Can I use my smartphone to visit remotely?
  2. Yes, Securus remote visits is multiple device compatibility


  1. How do I request a refund from Securus?
  2. Visit the Securus app for more refund details on features and services


You’re invited to join the popular Securus Technologies family and save more of your hard earned money while staying connected to your love ones in a correctional facility.


Located a Wanted Fugitive Using the Securus Technologies System

I am part of a task force that hunts the most dangerous criminals and brings them to jail where they belong. We had an extremely dangerous station on our hands, where a very well-known gang member who had just shot an innocent victim was still roaming the streets armed. He was reportedly telling anyone who would listen that he was going down in a hail of gunfire before going back to jail.


This suspect shot a man at a party who did nothing but look at him wrong, so everyone in our community was in extreme danger until we could get him in cuffs. My team knew that the only way he could stay off the radar was with help from his family, so that was the very first place we began to apply pressure. First we would put surveillance on them around the clock. Next, we would question them to the point of harassment, at the mall, the store, the bank, and keep the pressure on.


We even took a drive to the local prison in the hopes of talking with his family that were already incarcerated. It was around this time we got the word that Securus Technologies installed an updated inmate call monitoring system, that was more powerful and able to do the work of many officers. We decided we would see if any of the inmates felt like talking without us directly in their faces.


It didn’t take long for one inmate who was just incarcerated to talk about how he was banging with our suspect only days earlier and how he was armed to take down several officers. That location was not checked, so we sent a team to the location that day and by nightfall we were able to ambush the suspect as he was getting ready to walk the streets.