Ricardo Tosto, the Man Behind Many Business Laws in Brazil

Ricardo Tosto is regarded as someone who caused several changes in Brazilian law. He is currently the most talented Brazilian business lawyer. He went to Mackenzie University for his graduation in law and then had a business administration course from Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado. Tosto e Barros is the name of the law firm where Ricardo Tosto is a partner. His clients include several local and global companies. The firm of Ricardo Tosto is included in the list of top ten Brazilian law firms that are offering complete legal services.

Ricardo Tosto is one of those business law entrepreneurs who enjoy a great reputation. Many years ago, Tosto began his professional career, and he had a single room office. Today the most expensive building in Brazil possesses his office. A great number of people and companies have chosen Tosto for their cases. His clients include international groups, local businesses, NGOs, politicians, and Brazilian governments.

Ricardo Tosto is the type of lawyer who never crossed the limits of Brazilian constitution. Despite facing many stressful situations, he never looked back and continued with his work. Many new laws were created in the Brazilian legal system due to Tosto’s hard work. People in Brazil give Tosto credit for these changes in business laws that have benefitted the common man in the country. In other words, Tosto is the pioneer of many business laws. It is the reason why new lawyers always wish they could start their career from Tosto’s law firm. Many young business lawyers are Tosto’s students. His firm now operates in all large cities of Brazil and takes cases related to administration, judicial litigation, conflict resolution and arbitration.

During his two-decade long career, Ricardo Tosto has taken many cases related to banking, corporate restructuring, international law, commercial & civil litigation, electoral law, and credit recovery. He is associated with many firms and has a membership of International Bar Association. Electoral & Party Law Research Institute was founded by Ricardo Tosto. He served as the President at Sao Paulo-based OAB Commission that works for . He has authored numerous articles and is often invited to conferences and events as a speaker.