Celebrities at the L.A. Kabbalah Centre Reduce Chaos and Stress in their Lives

The study of the ancient wisdom of Kabbalah is attracting more non-Jewish celebrities in Los Angeles who are attending the L.A. Kabbalah Centre. Kabbalah is not a religion, but it is a study of the principles of the universe and how they apply in everyday life.

Until 1922, when the first Kabbalah Centre was founded in Israel, Kabbalah was only studied by rabbis and priests who then passed it down to the next generation. When Rav Ashtag opened the first Centre, the spiritual teachings became available to everyone.

Today, the L.A. Centre is the largest in the United States. By 2017, over 40 cities around the globe have Kabbalah Centres established, and the L.A. Centre is the central location; all of the information, events, and teachings worldwide come through the L.A. Centre.

Karen Berg and her son lead the L.A. Centre, and there is also The Kabbalah Centre online 24 hours a day. When someone is interested, they can begin by taking online classes and learning about Kabbalah. When they decide they want to meet in a brick and mortar Centre, simply go to Kabbalah.com and find the closest Centre. Everyone is welcome.

There are many celebrities who attend classes and meetings at the L.A. Kabbalah Centre who are not Jewish, but they find that the principles they learn help them to make better decisions. Britteny Spears, Paris Hilton, and Sarah Bernhardt agree that when they attend the Centre regularly, the chaos from their hectic lives is greatly reduced.

Elizabeth Taylor and Sammy Davis Jr. were loyal followers and attendees of the L.A. Centre. Sammy Davis found that studying Kabbalah allowed him to come to terms with himself, so he could find acceptance, and Liz Taylor was so involved with Kabbalah that she converted to Judaism later in her life.

Those who study these principles of the universe have found that it leads to self-fulfillment and discovering joy from within.

More Than a Businessman Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier has built a career that most people only dream about having. He has founded over fifteen companies, is an accomplished public speaker, a published author, columnist, technologist, entrepreneur, and even has time to be involved with multiple philanthropic organizations. Eric Pulier is a dedicated businessman, philanthropist, and father.

Eric Pulier is a successful businessman who has founded over fifteen companies. Some of his companies include Akana, ServiceMesh, Desktone, Digital Evolution and Media Platform. He has built many companies that have gone on to become major successes.

Besides founding his own companies, Eric Pulier also has an interest in helping other people develop their own companies. He is an investor in many media and technology based startup companies, and many of the ones he has supported have a successful track record. Besides investing in startups, Eric Pulier also invested in other companies including Trident Capital, Monitor Ventures and e-Companies.

Eric Pulier is not all business. He has spent a lot of his time supporting many charitable organizations including The Painted Turtle which is a summer camp for children who suffer from chronic illnesses. After all of this, he still has time to play an active role in his four children’s lives. He and his four children live in Los Angeles, where he serves as a dedicated father to each of them.

Eric Pulier is more than a businessman. He is a father, philanthropist, investor, and author. Eric Pulier has built a successful career that extends into many different fields and realms and contact him.