Sussex Healthcare For Long-Term Adult Care

Sussex Healthcare is a private skilled nursing care facility located in Horsham, England that employs eight staff workers, and have seven other nursing care locations, as well.

Their mission is to offer a high standard of long-term specialist adult care through well-trained, dedicated team members that help the individuals lead fulfilling lives while at Sussex Healthcare. They have been in business over thirty years and pride themselves on providing the highest standards of care to over 30,000 people through education and research for their staff.

Sussex Healthcare offers the following services:

1. Care for Senior People – provides a comfortable, caring environment with activities that include quizzes, crafts, music and movement, cooking and art therapy and reminiscence sessions, which all work together to promote better physical and emotional health. They make mealtime important by serving fresh, high-quality food prepared by their trained chefs and serve it in elegant style.

2. Dementia Care – offers support to the individual by using a personal care approach and making sure there is thorough dementia care training for the staff to help them learn to take the time to get to know the individual and offer help and comfort for individual needs. Sussex Healthcare believes a person with dementia should be able to keep living an active life. They also offer 24-hour nursing care, if needed.

3. Neurological Care – provide physiotherapists, reflexology, aromatherapy, speech and language therapists for those with brain injuries, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson disease and other brain conditions and support each individual and what they are going through.

4. Learning Disabilities Care – they employ highly trained staff and have specialists’ facilities and equipment to help with various needs and disabilities. If communication is a problem, because of the brain injury or disease, staff is trained to use up-to-date communication systems to help, if words can’t be used.

Sussex Healthcare achieved accreditation in 2002 from the Health Quality Service and was awarded the international standard in 2005, making them the only independent care provider in the UK to receive dual accreditation.

Choosing a place for an older person or loved one is a very important decision, and anyone would be in great hands living in this high-quality skilled nursing care facility, dedicated to providing a safe, caring, comfortable environment to each individual.