Wealth Solution’s Impact in Texas

Richard Blair is the founder of Wealth Solutions in Austin, Texas. Wealth Solutions is an Investment Advisory company that helps people in Austin, Texas and surrounding areas make profitable investments that will benefit them now and later on in life. He believes that people should not retire confused but secure and confident. Richard Blair and his associates help people make smart decisions that will enable them to be financially prosperous when they retire.

Richard Blair received his bachelor’s degree in Financial Management Services from the University of Houston. He plunged himself into the world of finances in 1993 and opened Wealth Solutions in 1994. Wealth Solutions has been very successful due to Richard Blair’s financial planning knowledge and love for teaching. Blair’s mother and grandmother were teachers. They have been a beneficial contributor to his appreciation for teaching finance. Blair has helped educated people while expanding his knowledge. He works very hard to give his clients guides with good intentions that will benefit them. His work is unbiased so he is able to properly prepare his customers rather than only caring about what he wants. Wealth Solution is committed to the advancement of their client’s.

Wealth Solution’s goal is to help clients secure their financial future. They help them plan effectively and appropriately. Blair believes that without a plan you cannot reach your goals. You’ll spend too much time making random decisions and very little accomplishing what needs to be performed. Wealth Solutions has many services including wealth management and retirement planning.

The people in and around Austin, Texas are prepared by using the three-pillar approach. The purpose of the three pillar approach is to identify the current predicament and future needs to the people that they have the opportunity to serve.

Pillar 1 is designed to show the client’s current situation. The associate can see where they are and the areas which need improvement. This step allows them to create a plan that will benefit them for a lifetime.

Pillar 2 aims to exceed the investment needs of the client’s. Blair hopes to help his clients make investments that will benefit them instead of hurting them. He works to make sure that the client reaches their highest possible potential.

Pillar 3 evaluates the client’s goal and puts a plan in place to make sure they reach all of their financial goals.


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