US Money Reserve Delivers Hope To Hurricane Victims In Houston

US Money Reserve is the largest privately-owned gold and silver wholesale company in the US, and they’re based in Austin, TX. This last August when Hurricane Harvey devastated the nearby City of Houston, US Money Reserve immediately joined the relief funding efforts. For their contribution, anyone who donated to relief efforts through YouCaring would have funds matched by US Money Reserve in $100,000. US Money Reserve was true to its word and they also got involved with the Austin Disaster Relief Network to make sure essential supplies reached the hurricane victims. All in all, the fundraising by YouCaring was a tremendous success.


Hurricane Harvey isn’t the only disaster US Money Reserve has fought against. The world’s economies are in a state of high uncertainty today with so many events that could tip the balance. Many things both domestic and foreign can affect the US dollar, but when an economic storm that’s damaging does hit, you can have your wealth protected. US Money Reserve helps you learn how to do that through buying their gold and silver. What makes gold and silver reliable for bad economic times? They cannot be regulated with the interest rates subject to paper currencies, there is always a high demand for them and they’ve remained valuable throughout time. Learn more:


Which gold or silver products are the best for you? That could depend on how much you’re willing to risk and what your exit rstrategy is. US Money Reserve sells a lot of commemorative coins and large bars to store away. For those who may not be able to afford as many large purchases, they also sell smaller denominations. The US Money Reserve website has live updates on its website about the price of gold and they encourage people to buy it while it’s still affordable.


To know US Money Reserve, you need to know the man behind many of their projects. That man is Philip N. Diehl, the former 35th US Mint Director who made the Mint more profitable thanks to his entrepreneurial spirit, and he’s now using his leadership to help others understand precious metals. He’s featured in the company’s introduction to the gold kit, and also explains how customers can transfer investments into gold. For those who want live assistance for buying gold products, US Money Reserve uses Client-Connect Advantage.