Talk Fusion Launches a Precedent-Setting Training Program; the Talk Fusion University

Talk Fusion, under the leadership of Bob Reina, launched the Talk Fusion University in June this year. In this precedent-setting program, the network marketing firm will be training its associates through its online platforms. CEO Reina who now boasts of more than 25 years in network marketing will be a trainer in the university. He will be sharing inspirational and motivational videos for the Talk Fusion Associates to get an exclusive viewing.


Network marketing and direct marketing has been evolving over the years, and Talk Fusion has been an integral part of the evolution. Having worked as a police officer in Florida, Reina came into this field an amateur. However, he was able to rise above his inexperience in sales to come up with a multi-level marketing system that gave him some bargaining power in the industry. With such a story to share, Talk Fusion Associates are assured of a remarkable Talk Fusion University experience.



Bob’s Take



One requires the efforts of others to succeed in multi-level marketing; one’s efforts is just not enough according to Bob Reina. The CEO understands that Talk Fusion being an international platform, its audience has people from all walks of life and there is need to satisfy each one of them in the best way possible. As such, putting individual effort can only work for a certain group of people while others feel completely left out. Teamwork in service delivery is, therefore, the way to go for multi-level marketing. Bob believes that unlike other network marketing trainers whose main goal is to earn at the expense of unsuspecting trainees, the Talk Fusion University will put more emphasis on performance over earning. During the program launch, the CEO said that Talk Fusion Associates would be getting free training. He said that his dream is to see upcoming marketers grow their expertise like him and get to the top of the industry. Also important to note is that the program comes in different international languages including but not limited to Spanish, Chinese, German, Russian, and Japanese.



About Talk Fusion



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