Located a Wanted Fugitive Using the Securus Technologies System

I am part of a task force that hunts the most dangerous criminals and brings them to jail where they belong. We had an extremely dangerous station on our hands, where a very well-known gang member who had just shot an innocent victim was still roaming the streets armed. He was reportedly telling anyone who would listen that he was going down in a hail of gunfire before going back to jail.


This suspect shot a man at a party who did nothing but look at him wrong, so everyone in our community was in extreme danger until we could get him in cuffs. My team knew that the only way he could stay off the radar was with help from his family, so that was the very first place we began to apply pressure. First we would put surveillance on them around the clock. Next, we would question them to the point of harassment, at the mall, the store, the bank, and keep the pressure on.


We even took a drive to the local prison in the hopes of talking with his family that were already incarcerated. It was around this time we got the word that Securus Technologies installed an updated inmate call monitoring system, that was more powerful and able to do the work of many officers. We decided we would see if any of the inmates felt like talking without us directly in their faces.


It didn’t take long for one inmate who was just incarcerated to talk about how he was banging with our suspect only days earlier and how he was armed to take down several officers. That location was not checked, so we sent a team to the location that day and by nightfall we were able to ambush the suspect as he was getting ready to walk the streets.


How David McDonald Has Driven OSI Group To Success

David McDonald is a skilled and experienced administrator in the food and beverage sector. He is the current CEO of OSI Group, which is one of the world’s leading food processing companies. The firm’s main products include beef, pork, pizzas, poultry, bacon, and sausages. McDonald’s leadership at the company has significantly facilitated its growth. He has led the firm to develop from being a local business to a multinational enterprise that has factories in different parts of the globe. McDonald has been striving to come up with sustainable strategies that can be used in making the company successful. His efforts have enabled the firm to have a significant turnover despite the instabilities in the markets.

McDonald has channeled a lot of resources to ensuring that OSI Group has excellent health and safety practices that protect its workers. He believes that employees can be more productive when they work in an environment that is comfortable to them. David has been making sure that everyone who serves the company is well informed on safety precautions. The company currently has an excellent healthcare plan that takes care of the staff member. Another top concern of the CEO is the quality of product that the firm distributes to its clients. David McDonald OSI Group has ensured that all the foods that are processed by OSI Group are very safe and healthy. The company’s commodities also meet the quality standards of the industry.

Before the CEO appointment, McDonald held different management positions that enabled him to acquire sufficient information on how to make a business successful. He understands that employees need to be well motivated for them to offer services that can satisfy customers. David served the America Meat Institute as one of its board members. His administration experience has greatly assisted in making OSI Groups successful. McDonald first held the COO position when he joined the company, and he was later offered a promotion due to his outstanding performance. He has been using remarkable techniques in ensuring the company grows both locally and globally. OSI Group has completed many acquisition deals under his administration. Baho Foods is one of the businesses that it has absorbed.

Jason Hope, the Witty Entrepreneur who understands the Future of the Technology Industry

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur with a focus on opportunities provided by technology. He is a believer of the Internet of Things, and he is convinced that soon every aspect of human life will revolve around technology. He has published a lot of journals and articles that seek to educate readers on the latest innovations in the technology field. On his most recent article, Jason stated that the Internet of Things is the next big thing since technology began. The articles are widely read across the world by individuals who are keen to know where technology is headed and learn more about Jason.

The Internet of Things simply tries to explain how different machines have been connected to work together for a common goal. The concept is about how machines used in daily life can be connected to a universal server to increase productivity and reduce resources that go to waste. As per Jason Hope, embracing the Internet of Things will change how people do business making ventures profitable. He believes that the leading corporations will adopt the advancement in the world. Jason remains convinced that all the devices run through particular software can be synchronized to work together to make sure that all activities operate efficiently and more information click here.

According to Jason, without the use of smart technology, a big number of companies will stall. He is committed to ensuring that many people embrace technology in their businesses. Jason is futuristic, and he has employed these skills to educate people on the direction that technology is taking. With the increasing innovation of connected devices, the human society shortly will only make sense if every person is aware of the Internet of Things. Jason has a big heart and has been supporting innovative young entrepreneurs with capital to actualize their business ideas. Jason schooled at the Arizona State University where he earned a degree in finance and later received an MBA from ASU’s business school and Jason’s lacrosse camp.

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